TikTok bypass Content Inspection

I'm trying to get tiktok to work on my mobile devices with content inspection turned on. I have both IPS (quick scan) and Weblocker enabled. The application breaks and the only way to get it to work again is to remove the mobile devices from Http-Proxy in the firewall.

Anyone come across this with TikTok?


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    edited November 2021

    This app gets lots of cert and other errors when I tried to run it.

    "ssl3_read_bytes/sslv3 alert certificate unknown"
    "Connection closing on SSL failure"

    The errors are for lots of domain names including:

    Adding an Allow entry for a pattern match for *.tiktokv.com worked for me.

    I have Log enabled on my HTTPS proxy action - Action: Inspect option in my config so that I can easily see what is happening in Traffic Monitor.

    To troubleshoot HTTPS proxy action issues, you can set up a new HTTPS proxy policy for a specific IP addr, and turn on Logging so you can see what is happening in Traffic Monitor

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