Route Traffic (SDWAN) to remote LAN and via BOVPN????

Has anyone been able to use SDWAN (or routing) to access remote resources (kinda like PBR?)

I now have a Point to Point connection to our main facility for an office. I need to consistently connect to resources (192.168.x.50/27) from my network (192.168.y.0/24).

So, if I connect to my other side (M270) via a bridge on my IP address (Bridge -> Bridge -> Trusted -> Client Device)....BUT, if the point to point goes out I can not access the resource.

I end up trying to use BOVPN...
resource -> BOVPN -> Client Device.

I can only do SDWAN with External ports so that is not an option (or I make another VLAN and subnet to access resources and add to the complexity. Seems I can have it one way or the other - not both.


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