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I have a Firebox T40 in a small business environment. I have 4 computers wired to the firewall right now. I also have 3 computers and some laptops that are wireless that are not connected to the firewall. The T40 i have does not have wireless built in. I am wanting to have the computers that are not physically connected to the firewall to have access to the computers that are behind the firewall so everything can be networked together and share files across each other.

Is there any way of doing this? I am not a networking expert by any means, but can usually poke around and figure things out like i have so far with getting the firewall running.

I think one major pain is that i am using AT&T U-verse, and it has me forced to use their Router/Modem combo unit, and from what i can tell, it does not support any sort of port forwarding.

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    You can add an access point (AP) behind your firewall for your wireless clients, which will allow accessing shared files etc.
    WatchGuard sells AP models as do many other vendors.
    WatchGuard has models which can be managed by your firewall or via a cloud (Internet) interface).
    Lower end (less expensive) models often have fewer features than more expensive ones, but should do what you need. They usually are managed by a web interfaces.

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