Firebox drop Vpn Mobile Client connection


We are thinking to move to Watchguard and i made a lab setup by using a FireboxV and vMWARE to familiarize with wathcguard, but when i tried to configure a Vpn Mobile the client doesn't connect.

The Firebox keep deny the client tcp connection from internet or even if i try to reach the Firebox from the external network.

For info, im using the FireboxV without a feature key.

My lab schema.

The vpn mobile config.

Vpn Client Log

Firebox Traffic


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    edited October 2021

    You need a Feature Key for this and many other things to work.
    Also, without a Feature Key, only 1 internal IP addr is allowed to go out External.

    I expect that you can get an evaluation Feature Key for a FireboxV, but I'm not sure of the process.
    Hopefully James of WG will comment here on how to do this.

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    Hi @Bruce_Briggs,

    Thank you for clarifying.

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    You can contact Customer Care to see if they can tell you how to get a demo license.
    1. You can do that via the Support Center link above -
    then log in, select Create New Case, and Record type = Customer Care
    2) by the following form
    3) or by phone
    877.232.3531 option 1 or +1.206.613.0456 International

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Bruce is correct, you need a feature key for this to work. If you'd like a trial key, please use the form here:


    Our sales team will contact you and get the requested keys to you.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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