LACP between 2x Firebox M470 in cluster active/passive and switch D-LINK DGS3130-54TS

My infrastructure is 1 switch dlink dgs-3130-54ts and 2 UTM Watchgurad M470 in cluster active/passive.
At the moment, it is a simplified infrastructure because I have a problem with the correct operation of LACP between switches and UTMs.
On the UTM side, I have exposed VLANs: vlan5 and vlan6. They are connected to the Link Aggregation interface.
On the switch side, I created a link aggregation with 4 ports ( 2 for each UTM device ) and load balance alghoritm source destination MAC.
These 2 vlans are also set on these ports. I have STP turned off on the switch.
I tried setting both active and passive modes for this channel port.
The transmission is set up correctly when I have 1 UTM connected. If then I get the second one, it also works. I can then disconnect the first and LACP switches to the second UTM.
If I have 2UTMs connected and restart them at the same time, sometimes LA connects to good ports, i.e. master UTM, but sometimes it combines with backup master UTM and then I do not have transmission between access ports on the switch and UTM.
I have mode Dynamic (802.3ad) selected on UTM. Connected to it are interfaces 2 and 3. Interfaces 2 and 3 are of Link Aggregation type and member type vlan.
What can I do wrong?

On switch ports 1/0/45-1/0/48 are in link aggregation group.
On UTMs ports 2 and 3 are to connect between UTMs
On UTMs ports 4 and 5 are in Link Aggregation group.


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    For the record, what XTM version are you running on your firewalls?
    Consider opening a support incident on this to get help from a WG tech on resolving this.

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    Fireware OS v12.7.1.B644848

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