Firebox X Edge e-Series, X550e vs. FB_X550e

Hi everyone, I have TWO of the X550e (yes older) firewalls. The Fireware version on the X550e is XTM v11.3.5.B332767. The Fireware version on the FB_X550e is XTM v.11.3.4.B317593. What is the difference between the X550e and the FB_X550e??? I cannot locate any info about it as when I attempt to change the policy, it says I cannot because I am attempting to save to a different version of hardware?


  • I'm not aware of there being 2 different X550e hardware models.

    Are you sure that both are X550e models and that the error is that you are trying to save to a different hardware?

    What version of WSM Policy Manager are you using?
    If V11.3.4 and you are trying to save to an 11.3.5 firewall, then that is likely an issue.

  • There is an X Edge 55e, but not an X Edge 550e

  • I agree I also have never seen a FB_X550e, only X550e. Do you know where I can get WSM v11.3.4?

  • For management, I believe that WSM V11.10.4 can manage a V11.3.4 and V11.3.3 firewall.

    If you need the firmware - Fireware - you need to contact Customer Care who should be able to give you a link to it, as it is no longer on the downloads site.
    You can do this via the Support Center box top right.

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