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I've got an small issue with my policies and I'm sure it's just a silly configuration issue, but I'll be damned if I can find the solution.

I've set a few catagories in Webblocker to warn as opposed to deny or allow. When a user goes to a page that triggers the warn action, they are presented with the HTTP-Proxy warn dialog as expected. They then click on the continue to site button. They are then redirected to a certificate error page at https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:4100/wbo that they then need to click through to access the site. The certificate it references is a domain wildcard cert for *.heroldengineering.com but I can't get the redirect to go to https://myrandomfirebox[dot]heroldengineering[dot]com:4100/wbo

How do I fix this?


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    You don't! It is a long-standing BUG with a request to correct it. I first identified it during a beta in May 2019.

    Case 01282169: WebBlocker warn not functioning correctly with public SSL cert.

    The defect/enhancement you reported is:

    The current status is:
    BUG/RFE is open and awaiting Engineering review

    It has been over two years with no fix for it.

    Gregg Hill

  • ugh... K thanks Gregg, I was sure it was something I was doing wrong.

  • Open a case and reference mine. Maybe they need more complaints before they bother fixing it.

    Gregg Hill

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