Wifi problem


I have a Firebox t30-W and I want to use the access point from the firewall.
I can connect with my phone but when I try to connect with my computer it sais 'can't connect to network'.
Any suggestions?



  • What do you see in Traffic Monitor when you try to connect?

    How have you set up the T30-W AP?
    . interface type ?
    . Use DHCP server ?
    . If so, starting & ending range ?

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    @Bruce_Briggs Thanks for the reaction.
    In the traffic monitor it sais authenticated and in the next line associated.
    The interface is in bridge mode.

  • Do you have sufficient DHCP IP addrs for whatever this is Bridged to?

  • It is a very basic setup but right now my firewall is a DHCP server. The cable from the modem is plugedin in interface 0, so the access point is bridged to interface 0.

  • The lifesecurity on the device is expired but I think that wouldn't be an issue.

  • The AP should not be bridged to External.
    It should be bridged to Trusted

  • In the menu interfaces is it not possible to change the interface mode of the access point. this can only be done in the menu wireless and when i set it there on trusted, I need to fil in an ip address and a subnet but everytime I get an error.

  • It depends on your goals.
    If the goal is to have wireless clients and Ethernet connected clients both use the same subnet, then you need to:
    1) create a Bridge group -
    2) select Bridge on the AP and select the Bridge group
    3) change your current Trusted interface to Bridge and select the Bridge group

    If you want to use the subnet that is currently used on Trusted, then you need to change the subnet that is currently used on Trusted, and then you can use that subnet on the Bridge group.

    It is easier to do all of this using WSM Policy Manager, but it can be done using the Web UI. You will need to log back in when you change the Trusted subnet to something else.

  • It's a bit weird but I'm tinking the problem is in the name because if the SSID is Test it works fine but when I give it the name S102Wireless it doesn't connect.

  • I am not aware of this type of issue.
    Try a SSID name shorter than 12 characters, other than test.

  • I fixed the problem it wasn't the SSID but the password I guess because the lifesecurity has expired that some special characters are not supported.
    Thank you very much for your time and help!

  • It is not a LiveSecurity license problem.
    Some special characters are not allowed, depending on the software version on your firewall.

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