Are there any plans to bundle DNSWatchGO licences in with any of the firewall licenses?

WatchGuard M4600 (x2 Cluster)
WatchGuard M200
Firmware : 12.4.1


  • Mark_BoscoloMark_Boscolo Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    DNSWatchGO is intended to be independent product, not tied to any Firewall licensing.

  • Although independent just like some UTM services, will it also be included with Total Security, maybe in a limited number like TDR is licensed?

    Gregg Hill

  • Sorry for my delayed response here, I've had some issues with notifications and am just getting caught up!

    We do not plan to include the DNSWatchGO service in any of the Firebox bundles. It is intended as an entirely standalone service that will eventually be bundled with other user based services.

  • Cool. Thank you for the update!

    Gregg Hill

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