Legacy Firebox X series - Need help from expert/experienced


I have a legacy Firebox X-Peak X5500e running on version 10.2.8

This machine has been 12 years old. However since last 2 years ago i did noticed some unusual issues : -

1) Uploading an XML upon changes takes longer than before that was almost instant. Now it took about 30-60 sec to successfully uploaded and overwrite the file on the machine.

2) Recently noticed some breach on 7474 custom SSH port although the policy was created there since the very beginning. From Cli showing few hundreds of incorrect login attempts into this port.

I'm looking for someone for some few hundred bucks who could check these issue above, reconfigure everything if possible and update the firmware as well (please PM me). If not, at least please give some advises for these issues above.



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    edited September 2021

    Hello Dainiel.

    I think I understand your perspective.
    Thousands of dollars to replace, its worked fine, but we need some help keeping it going. Update the policies, maybe harden it with some tricks.

    However... You will have trouble getting someone to want to do this. If it were up to you, would you not prefer newer hardware, faster, with a support contract? Perhaps access to subscription services that can help you secure it better like you're asking? Yes it costs money... but if the device's memory is failing (pointing at the delays you're experiencing) or a vulnerability has been discovered in the last 10 years (likely) that hasnt been patched due to old OS Version... Isn't that risk greater than new equipment? If not, which perhaps there isnt anything of value behind your firebox, then say so and someone may be more willing to help you keep it running for alittle while longer -- under the mutual understanding that if it goes belly up - their time would be compensated and their liability ending at job completion.

    Hope this helps you move this forward.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @Dainiel

    The best suggestion I can offer is to try contacting a partner local to you. You can find them by going to findpartner.watchguard.com.

    1. The write issues could be the internal flash memory on the unit showing its age, or could be a later version of WSM doing additional configuration checks.

    2. A device this old won't have any security services and will be acting as a pure firewall on firewall rules only. This means the SSH rule is likely a packet filter that is running from any-external to your SNAT (static NAT.) Consider limiting who can access the rule in the FROM field, or disable the rule all together and use one of the VPN options that the firewall provides.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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