failed to connect always restarting

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Good day,

i am having problems using the vpn, it was working just fine a couple of days ago, now it always shows me an error and restarting the connection.

here's the log:

2021-08-24T08:18:14.732 Launching WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL client. Version 12.7.0 (Build 637701) Built:Mar 11 2021 16:10:22
2021-08-24T08:18:17.009 Requesting client configuration from -redacted-.dyndns.org:443
2021-08-24T08:18:17.031 FAILED:2021-08-24T08:18:17.132 FAILED:Cannot perform http request 12007
2021-08-24T08:18:17.132 failed to get domain name
2021-08-24T08:18:19.062 LaunchOpenVPN: openvpn full command-line(first 8 chars): "C:\Prog, length: 248
2021-08-24T08:18:19.062 LaunchOpenVPN: vpn config full path(first 8 chars): C:\Users, length: 60
2021-08-24T08:18:19.589 OVPN:>HOLD:Waiting for hold release:0

2021-08-24T08:18:19.667 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,D,MANAGEMENT: CMD ''

2021-08-24T08:18:19.667 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,D,MANAGEMENT: CMD 'hold release'

2021-08-24T08:18:19.668 OVPN:SUCCESS: hold release succeeded

2021-08-24T08:18:19.668 OVPN:>PASSWORD:Need 'Auth' username/password

2021-08-24T08:18:19.745 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,D,MANAGEMENT: CMD 'username "Auth" "-redacted-"'

2021-08-24T08:18:19.745 OVPN:SUCCESS: 'Auth' username entered, but not yet verified

2021-08-24T08:18:19.746 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,D,MANAGEMENT: CMD 'password [...]'

2021-08-24T08:18:19.746 OVPN:SUCCESS: 'Auth' password entered, but not yet verified

2021-08-24T08:18:19.746 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,,MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1629764299,RESOLVE,,,,,,

2021-08-24T08:18:19.746 OVPN:>STATE:1629764299,RESOLVE,,,,,,

2021-08-24T08:18:19.747 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,N,RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: -redacted-.dyndns.org:443 (No such host is known. )

2021-08-24T08:18:19.747 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,,MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1629764299,RESOLVE,,,,,,

2021-08-24T08:18:19.747 OVPN:>STATE:1629764299,RESOLVE,,,,,,

2021-08-24T08:18:19.748 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,N,RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: -redacted-.dyndns.org:443 (No such host is known. )

2021-08-24T08:18:19.748 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,W,Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol

2021-08-24T08:18:19.749 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,I,SIGUSR1[soft,init_instance] received, process restarting

2021-08-24T08:18:19.749 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,,MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1629764299,RECONNECTING,init_instance,,,,,

2021-08-24T08:18:19.749 Does not allow reconnectiong

thank you

*Edited out personally identifiable log lines. James C.


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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    Hi @jibanez

    Your client is saying that you can't resolve (via DNS) the hostname of your firewall.

    2021-08-24T08:18:19.747 OVPN:>LOG:1629764299,N,RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: -redacted-.dyndns.org:443 (No such host is known. )

    (I removed part of your hostname to ensure that others don't try to connect to it should it be fixed.)

    Since you're using DynDNS, please make sure whatever method you're using to update dyn.org's service is running.
    -If you're using a free tier of their service, you usually will need to log into their website from time to time to maintain the service.
    -If you're using a paid/professional tier, please make sure your account is up to date.

    Once the hostname resolves to an address, the VPN should be able to find the firewall and connect to it.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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