We are trying to migrate from a Sonicwall NSA 4600 to a Watchguard. We didn't set up the Sonicwall so we don't have a lot of answers as far as why the sonicwall is setup the way that it is. My question is, there are about 7 interfaces on the sonicwall and no matter what kind of interface it is, the sonicwall seems to have a gateway associated with the interface. If I go to setup a watchguard, the only way I have the option to set a gateway on an interface is if the interface is set to external. I know that not all of these interfaces on the sonicwall are external. In fact, the interface that resembles a "trusted" (LAN) interface even has a gateway on it. If I go to setup a trusted interface on my watchguard, I have no way to assign a gateway. Did the previous user setup the sonicwall incorrectly? Is it possible that I don't need all of these gateways? Thanks in advance.


  • The first question is: Are the gateways real devices? Once you work out what they are doing then you can work out the original design. Alternatively, I prefer to do a "clean slate" approach and design the network for the "now" and not the past. Things that were design considerations when the Sonicwall was installed might not exist any more.

    Adrian from Australia

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