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I'm trying to set up certificates for multiple services on one Firebox.
Setting up the proxy/inspection and internal admin interface certificate was easy. But I find no documentation which cert is used for other web services.
For example the following page should be externally available (e.g. AuthPoint): vpn.examplecompany.com
So I can not use the intranet admin interface certificate.

Also I can not define new certificates for OpenVPN Server/CA.
Is there another admin interface for certificate management?


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    Juan_NakasoneJuan_Nakasone WatchGuard Representative

    Hello LBehm,

    The certificate used for the services hosted on the Firebox (like the WebUI or the SSL VPN login page) is the Firebox web server certificate. By default the Firebox uses a self-signed certificate for its web server certificate.
    If a certificate for a public domain name is required, the certificate may be obtained from a trusted Certificate Authority and then imported onto the Firebox to replace the self-signed certificate.

    The following document explains how to import and install a third party web server certificate:

    If further assistance with certificates is required, please open a support case and we will be glad to work with you.


    Juan Nakasone | Support Engineer
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com

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