Handle Guest Traffic

Hi everybody, I'm trying to understand the smart way to handle the Traffic Management in a T40.
Let's suppose that I have to assign to a Guest VLAN 10Mbps in Download and 1Mbps in Upload.
I've correctly configured the 2 Traffic Management Actions, one for DL and one for UL with "All Policies" type and it's working with a single speedtest, the limit is working as expected.
The issue starts when a user is performing many connections, because it's blocking all traffic of other users, due that it seems it's not equally queued by SRC-IP or round robin connections.
Is there a way to prevent this? With other vendor (PCQ of Mikro**k) I can configure 10Mbps for the Guest VLAN. If there's only one user, it will take the 10Mbps, if there are 10 Users, all asking for bandwidth , they will take 10Mpbs/10 (1Mbps) each. Is there a way using some advanced feature in the Firebox? Because otherwise the only way is to limit the bandwidth per IP, but it's not smart to have 10Mbps free with only one user connected and he can only go to 100Kbps due to that limit.
Unfortunately using Application Control is not so easy and I'm still not going to fix this.
Thanks in advance for the information

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