VPN IP Address T55w

When configuring the IP address in a WatchGuard T55w for VPN access do i need a public ip address from my internet provider. My domain name does not point to our system. Just starting to look at configuring this and have been looking at setup docs.
Any suggestions ..Thanks..


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    Forgot to mention that i have Rogers modem with static ip in front of Firebox.

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    @GARYMN ,

    Is the external IP on your firebox a public IP or one provided by the modem?
    Best to have your modem in Bridge or Passthrough mode and have the public, static IP on the external interface of your firebox.

    Then in Policy Manager (or the Web UI) choose VPN > Mobile VPN, choose your type and follow the setup wizard. Just use your public IP on the external interface of your firebox for the primary address. May populate automatically as it's the only one.

    No need to worry about DNS pointing to the public IP as the VPN clients can connect via IP or DNS lookup.

    As a security measure it is best to force all client traffic through the VPN tunnel so clients are protected by your firewall while accessing your internal network.

    SSL VPN is the easiest to configure btw.

    Hope this helps,

    • Doug

    It's usually something simple.

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    Thanks for the info Doug.

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