Changing AP ip. Now its Unreachable

I have a Watchguard Firebox with 12.3 installed. I also have a AP125. AP is setup on another network. Boots up with DHCP. I add it to the Wireless Gateway. All is good. But I want to change the IP. I do so through the web gui on the Firebox. AP reboots with new IP. BUT, in the dashboard under the Gateway Wireless Controller is still has the old IP on the AP. So now it says unreachable. AP is up. I can telnet into it on port 22. You would think I could go into it and change the IP. Or, when changing the IP under Network\Gateway Wireless Controller that it would also update the Dashboard that monitors it. Frustrating. Should be easier than this.


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    I was able to get this working by removing the AP. Then add it back and setting the Static IP. Tried doing this before and the AP ended up trying to Authenticate constantly. So I reset it. Seems like it should be easier than this but at least its now connected.

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    Agreed - this is harder than it should be.
    WG needs to create a FAQ on how to do this the best way.

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    Adrian from Australia

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