BOVPN and Optional Network

New to this. Bear with me.
I have a trusted and an optional network and a BOVPN.
Because of an unresolved issue with our ISP I am unable to set up the routes on the BOVPN in the way I wish, so I have to send everything using
Since doing this the optional network is also using the BOVPN.
Is there anything I can do to stop the optional network using the BOVPN?
Thank you.


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    Not with a zero route BOVPN setup.
    Are both firewalls WG firewalls ? If not, what is at the other end of the BOVPN?

    Care to provide more info about the ISP issue?

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    Both are watchguard firewalls.

    The watchguard in question is at a remote office. With the routes set in the BOVPN to the networks in our head office the remote office has odd DNS issues.

    Might not be right to elaborate any further. I think you have answered my question - with as the route in the BOVPN both networks will use the BOVPN.


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