Upgraded this past weekend, log server not connecting to fireboxes

I have opened a ticket with Watchguard, but 2 days in, still no response, so wanted to see if anyone had any ideas:
Upgraded my clustered M270's to 12.7, and my WSM as well to 12.7 on Sunday

Upgrade went without issues, however, come the next day I realized that the logging server was not working correctly.

When I click on the Watchguard Server Status in the toolbar, I see a message saying:
Log Server Not configured
I open up the Watchguard Server Center, it allows me to start the Log Server, and it appears configured as I had before the upgrade, however, when I select the Logging Tab, it shows Not Connected to my clustered fireboxes

While waiting on my ticket to be responded to, I have done the following, to see if any of it will get the logging going again:
Reinstalled the Servers/WSM (same result)
Then I edited the logging in Policy Mgmr by disabling logging, saved and then enabled logging, saved.

None have changed the "not connected" status in the Log Server screen.

Thanks for any other ideas to try :)


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    Change or re-enter the logging key in both the log server & the firewall

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    Thanks for Bruce for the suggestion, I tried it twice with a new logging key the second time too. But sadly, no luck, still no connection (stop/restarted logging server as well)

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    I stand corrected, maybe I just needed to give them a little time, they are connected now. Thank you so much Bruce :)

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    Thank you, Bruce! This worked for me. I just upgraded my firewalls to 12.8.1 and updated the WSM to 12.8.1 and the issue with the log collector started

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    Do note that WSM Log & Report servers will be going away on the next major Fireware version - presumably V13.0

    Dimension is the currently recommended WG log & report platform.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    LRS (log/report server) is rather slow when it comes to updating the status on logging.

    Like Bruce mentioned, we no longer support LRS -- I would suggest using Dimension which is our current log/report platform. It's free for any firewall that has a support contract, and can be run on premise via VMware or HyperV.

    You can find the package download at software.watchguard.com

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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