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M270, Fireware 12.7

I am wondering why I can't do speed test behind M270. I have added speedtest.net and fast.com on the exception list but test still fails.


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    Speedtest uses TCP port 8080
    I have no problem running fast.com using my HTTPS proxy without an exception. Consider using a HTTPS packet filter for this.

    What do you see in Traffic Monitor related to these?

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    Strange thing is I see nothing in the log when accessing fast.com with HTTPS proxy. I got this error:

    Could not reach our servers to perform the test. You may not be connected to the internet

    I can access it fine with HTTPS packet filter. I guess I'll just use that to test my speed behind M270.

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    Do you have Log selected on the Allow entry for fast.com ?

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    You mean HTTPS Proxy Exception to Allow fast.com? I didn't enable it. When enabled, there's only 1 entry:

    2021-08-03 08:31:11 Allow https/tcp 58755 443 Trusted External ProxyAllow: HTTPS domain name match (HTTPS-proxy-00) HTTPS-Client.Standard.1 proc_id="https-proxy" rc="590" msg_id="2CFF-0003" proxy_act="HTTPS-Client.Standard.1" rule_name="Fast Speed Test" sni="fast.com" cn="" ipaddress="" src_user="Ron@domain.com" Traffic

    and I got that error message (Could not reach our servers to perform the test) on the website. It's no big deal as long as I can use HTTPS packet filter to test my speed.

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    Only time I've seen this issue with Speedtest is if you are using an explicit proxy - in which case you need to add an entry for port 8080 in the CONNECT tunnelling section of the explicit proxy settings.
    (It is actually HTTPS on port 8080 if you want to apply a proxy action [ie. need a HTTPS proxy action defined first], which is what I did in one of the setups I had to do this for).

    Note that hostname/domain name exclusions won't work, because the hostnames it fails on are actually those of the Speedtest servers, which quite often are those of the companies hosting them (at least that was the case when I was analysing logs for my scenario).

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    fast.com is powered by Netflix. In my case (i had the same issue) allowing Netflix on Application control, solved the problem

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