Assigning Static NAT to Workstation

We have a simple question as we realize each firewall product is different. How does one assign a static ip to a device that is currently using dhcp. We simply want to maintain the same IP for the workstation as we are forwarding RDP packets. We have a WatchGuard T10



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    What you want is a static IP addr on the workstation.
    The easiest way is to set up a DHCP Lease on your DHCP server.
    If you are using the firewall as your DHCP server - you can do that on the Netowrk -> interface -> DHCP section. All you need is the MAC addr of the workstation and the IP addr which is desired.
    Another method is to change the workstation from DHCP to a stati cIP addr, you can do that in the Network Properties -> interface -> TCP/IP properties of the workstation.

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