Xfinity XB7 not requiring bridge mode?

Just received a new XB7 modem from Xfinity for my home Internet to replace an older Technicolor XB3.

On the XB3 I had to run it in bridge mode as I have a BOVPN between my home and work networks using the public IP of the T-20 as the BOVPN endpoint. Which worked perfectly fine.

I installed the new XB7, activated it, and much to my surprise the BOVPN tunnel came right up and worked perfectly using the DHCP address the XB7 assigned to my T-20. No need for bridge mode, pass through, port forwarding etc....... on the XB7, or public IP's on the back side of my firebox.

No only that it's much faster.

Out of curiosity I placed the XB7 into bridge mode and the T-20 wasn't able to obtain an IP address from Xfinity. Disabled bridge mode and everything worked fine again.

Is this expected behavior from the XB7 modem or did I finally get lucky for once?

A pleasantly surprised,

  • Doug

It's usually something simple.


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