NTP Intercept

Have T55. Firmware is up2date as of today.

I'd like to intercept all outbound port 123udp (time service) and send it
over to my own internal homenet time server.

I have several pieces of embedded hardware that look to ntp.org for time.
They have no gui and I cannot change a thing in them.
It makes no sense and it's much cleaner if I redirect their ntp requests
over to an NTP server located right there on the same local lan.

Would that be SNAT, or DNAT? I'm confused which.
Is there a tech blurb that I can follow about this or a similiar service?
I assume only the port number and destination addresses would be different
so I could use the blurb as a general guide.

Thx Gurus.


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    No can do.
    XTM can’t redirect packets.
    XTM can only deny or allow packets of if using a proxy policy, modify allowed packets.

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    Actually there is one type of redirect - to a caching proxy server for HTTP - otherwise none.

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