2 Interace WAN

Hi ,

I have 2 Interfaces WAN to acces on external , however , all my LAN are configured to pass through the WAN 1 to acces internet ,
How I can use one of my VLAN or one my Host to pass throigh the WAN 2 Interface to acces internet (or extrenal IP adresse)



  • You can use SD-WAN on policies to select the WAN interface to be used for that traffic.
    So add policies From: the VLAN etc. and use SD-WAN to select WAN 2 as the primary WAN.

  • I ve tryed to do that but my OS version of the Firebox does'not support the used of SD WAN Actions for Policys routing

  • What OS version are you running?

    Does it support Policy Based Routing?

  • I use Watchguard M470 with FireWire OS V11.6.3
    I suppose , it support because on my policy add i have chechbox to select what Route outbound trafic using : Policy Based routing or SD WAN

  • You can use Policy Based Routing on a policy to select which WAN interface to use as the primary.

    SD-WAN is for V12.3 and higher.
    Policy Based Routing is for lower versions.

  • Ah ok, i used Policy Based Routing , and add WAN 2 interaface on my policy but the route used wtih my tracert seems always the WAN 1

  • Do you have PBR selected on the policy which is allowing your traceroute ??????? Probably a ping policy.

    On what policy have you selected PBR ?

  • Yes directly on ping policy

  • Turn on Logging on this policy & post an allow log message from Traffic Monitor showing that it is going out WAN 1

  • What have you set for Multi-WAN ?
    Is WAN 2 up ?

  • Yes WAN 2 is up , and for multiwan we use Routing Table

  • It'OK now, I put Routing Table on both policy , https and ping

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