Allow application thats being blocked.

I am getting blocked when trying to access nordvpn.com. I can see that I am being blocked because it falls under the "Tunnel and Proxy Services". I tried going into the https proxy policy and putting in exceptions under Content Inspection and the adding an exception to the webblocker Action. Still being blocked. For the Content Inspection I put in Pattern Match and a value of .nordvpn.com. For The WebBlocker exception I used Pattern and nordvpn.com/. Still being blocked.


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    I believe that Geo, IPS, and App Control are checked prior to the HTTPS exceptions
    Add a HTTPS packet filter To: *.nordvpn.com

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    Was hoping not have to put in another policy but that did work. Thanks

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    I think you made your exceptions in the wrong spot. I don't see any "Tunnel and Proxy Services" under WebBlocker, but I do see "Tunneling and Proxy Services" in Application Control. Make your exceptions under Application Control and see what happens after you disable the packet filter bypass you created.

    I suspect that "I can see that I am being blocked because" will show Application Control in the Deny message line.

    Gregg Hill

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    You are correct. Since it was a specific app I could go into the Application and allow that particular app. Thanks.

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