Block Web Access


I have a group of computers, 13 in total that I need to block access to the web. However I need to allow those machines access to a particular website, and I'm trying to find an easily managed steps to accomplish that with our firewall. They have a M470 v12.0.2. I appreciate any suggestions to get this accomplished. I'm pretty new to WatchGuard firewalls.



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    1. Create an Alias for the list of the 13 IP addrs
    2. Add a HTTP or HTTPS policy From: the Alias To: the allowed web site (IP addr or domain name)
    3. Add a HTTP & HTTPS packet filter policy, set to Denied, From: the Alias name To: Any-external
    4. make sure that the policies in 2. & 3. are above any other existing HTTP or HTTPS policies
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