Upgrade Firebox Firmware via Cloud to a major release

Hi Guys

Is it possible to upgrade a Firebox Firmware to a major release via Watchguard cloud? I am managing multiple clients' mostly T-series devices, and looking to use the scheduling capabilities of the Cloud portal to upgrade devices from 12.5.x or 12.6.x up to 12.7 . When i go to the Firmware upgrade section, the only firmwares that are showing for the devices are ones in the same major version (ie 12.5 or 12.6). Am i missing something or is this not a thing that i am able to do?



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    It should be possible.
    I normally do mine locally and not via the cloud.

    What models do have?

    Here are the latest versions for the T models:
    T10, T15, T30, T35, T50, T55, T70 v12.5.7 Update 3
    T20, T40, T80 V12.7 Update 1

    Why doesn’t my Firebox model run Fireware v12.6.2, v12.6.3, v12.6.4, or v12.7?

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    Hi Bruce

    Thanks for the reply.

    We are managing a range of devices:
    T10, T15, T35
    T20, T40

    Looking through that KB article and checking upgrades available for each of the different models of devices in our Cloud portal, I can see that for the T20 and T40s that I have the options to upgrade to v12.7, whereas the others are only showing me the versions up to v12.5.7 - as indicated in your info and the KB

    Problem solvered!
    Muchly appreciated

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