Access to CCTV

Hey guys,

Been banging my head against the desk over the last few days, I've had CCTV installed at one of my sites, and I'm trying to connect the phone app to connect to the internal recorder and I just can't get it to connect.

Can anyone point me in the direction please?


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    Option 1: set up VPN access from your phone to that site, and then run your app.
    Option 2: find out what port needs to be opened on the firewall for the app to access the internal recorder. Add a policy, presumably a custom filter, for that port From: Any-external to : a SNAT with Any-external-> the IP addr of the internal recorder.
    Option 3: same as option 2 except, you authenticate to the firewall using TCP port 4100 (the WG auth applet), and the policy From: field is your authentication user ID instead of Any-external.

    Options 1 & 3 are more secure than option 2 as the port is not open to the whole Internet for hacking attempts.

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