Dimension hosted in Azure

Has anyone tried to install Dimension in Azure? Is this supported, any pro's/con's? I already have Dimension Hyper-V on prem but was considering moving to Azure depending on true costs.


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    I would not do it because Azure is insanely expensive and you are going to get hammered with network traffic fees plus storage costs. Further, Azure networking is terrible. Azure Firewall in front of any Azure hosted resource will cost you $900/mo, which is beyond ridiculous. It is unacceptable to put up a hosted resource without a perimeter security appliance in front of it, which is what most insecurely hosted things in Azure are.

    If you really want to host Dimension, you can either stop thinking about Azure and use OrionVM instead, or get all your customers TSS and use Visibility. However, there are right now product limitations in visibility with regards to alarming notifications. I brought up this issue to all the proper people at the last partner conference, so they are aware as to how critical alarm notifications are to the Visibility product. From my viewpoint, Visibility is not a useful product until it provides the same level of alarming and reporting that Dimension does.

    A typical client Firebox of ours sends in anywhere from 2 - 12 GB of log data per day inbound to our Dimension server. Multiply that by however many Fireboxes you have sending data. And then you decide if you want to pay the network transfer rates on that. It does not make sense to cloud host Dimension in Azure under any circumstance.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    At this time there aren't any plans to support Dimension in Azure. We do offer a Dimension AMI in Azure, or the Dimension Cloud services that PacketWisperer mentioned.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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