Using Radius SSO with a wireless access point and Firebox

Hi there, I've been stuck on a problem for a while now and I was wondering of any gurus out there could help me.

We currently have a M370 ver 12.6.2 installed that is using SSO with Active directory for clients with the Watchguard SSO Client installed on them.

We'd like to setup RADIUS SSO for the Wifi

The wireless controller currently authenticates using Radius with our AD credentials and uses PEAP to connect to the network, currently WiFi and Wired devices are on the same subnet and this won't change until around 3 months time. Currently our wireless devices use a catch all https proxy policy without any authentication on the watchguard. Judging by our config do you think it is possible to use RADIUS SSO to authenticate wireless users? And how?

Any help would be great, thanks in advance!


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