VPN routing

I'm hoping someone can help.

We are in a situation where we have a WatchGuard M370, which connects a leased line. Within a Vlan, there is another Firewall that manages it's own part of the network and has DHCP enabled etc.

We need to be able to allow a VPN connection to the firewall within, when they are connected to the M370 network.

We think that some sort of route has to be setup, but not 100% what needs to be done.

Can any advise? Let me know if you need any info


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    What type of VPN?
    Client or Branch office VPN ?

    And what type? IPSec, SSLVPN, IKEv2, L2TP?

    To/from where - the 2nd firewall and the Internet?

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    Hi Bruce, thanks for the reply.

    So the type of VPN is client SSL.

    So they're on the first firewall, and they're trying to VPN into the second.


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    All the SSLVPN client needs is the ability to access the 2nd firewall external interface IP addr.
    If the SSLVPN client PC can ping the 2nd firewall external interface IP addr, then no routing needs to be added.
    If it can't, then please explain how the 2nd firewall is connected to the M370 - via the leased line? And if so, how is the leased line connected to your firewall?

    You will need a HTTPS policy to allow the SSLVPN client PC IP addr access the the remove firewall external IP addr.

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