How to uninstall logon app?????

I deployed the Logon App to a PC as a test. It works good. Except now I need it removed and it's just not working. The program does not show up in the apps list. I tried running msiexec.exe /x /msi name. It just says "this is only valid for installed products". I installed it with the MSI again. I then uninstall it which it says works. Then I reboot, and it's still there....I have removed the PC from my test GPO so it is not deploying anymore. It simply will not uninstall and I need to PC tomorrow.

Little help?


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    Figured it out.

    When deployed through a batch file the app does NOT show up in the apps list. This is a problem in my opinion.

    I had to copy the MSI locally. Install in not silently. Reboot the PC, then uninstall it using the MSI not silently. Then reboot the PC again.

    This removed the program.

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