12.7 update1 - what is the security fixes


What is the security fixes in 12.7 U1?

This release includes important fixes to resolve a security issue. [FBX-21579, FBX-21590, FBX-21596]



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    SecAdeptCoreySecAdeptCorey WatchGuard Representative


    All of these security fixes were internally discovered issues (our engineers found them) that were not reported by external sources, nor actively found in the wild. For the sake of not guiding potential threat actors toward finding and exploiting these internally discovered issues against those who do not update firmware as often as we would like, we are not sharing technical details about these flaws. While there are many mitigating circumstances that limit the impact of these flaws, and many Firebox administrators wouldn’t even expose them due to best practices, we do recommend you apply this Fireware update to correct the issues.


    Corey Nachreiner, CISSP | CTO/CSO
    WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. | www.watchguard.com
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    "(our engineers found them) that were not reported by external sources,"

    Now THAT is what I call being proactive! If only Microsoft Exchange Server devs had done the same thing....

    Gregg Hill

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