Authpoint / Office 365 and multiples domains.

Hello all,

I activated this day Authpoint for Office 365 for a customer.
This customer has 2 domains (lets say and

If i activate Authpoint "basically" (not adding the 2nd domain in the powershell script) , everyting works fine : Push received, authentication successful, and access to Office 365 granted.

To add the 2nd domain in the powershell script, i follow this instructions :

"To federate more than one domain with AuthPoint, for each additional domain, you must append "?|" at the end of the $uri parameter. "

So, my $uri line should look like this :

$uri = ""

(on 1 line obviously)

With this parameters activated, when i test Office 365 access, i got the error below :

AADSTS50107 Requested federation realm object does not exist"

So adding the second domain to Authpoint break Office 365 authentication.

Am i doing this right ? Anyone has successfully made Authpoint work with multi-domain Office 365 tenants ?

Thanks for help,



  • Nervermind, i found the solution. Logically, 2nd domain cannot use the same $uri as the main domain. Documentation just could be clearer and states that you have to do the same powershell actions for the 2nd domain, and add the " ?" in the $uri parameter.


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