T40-W + two WG APs, advice requested

Most of my customers are small enough to use just one Wireless WG Firewall. I'm upgrading one from XTM25W plus two separate Proxim APs in other buildings. The XTM25W did internal and guest wireless. The old Proxims did only internal. Now we want to go to internal and guest in all three buildings. Small offices separated by 30-50' with tubes under the parking lot connecting a switch in each building. I assumed I would use a wireless WG unit so upgraded to T40-W and bought two AP125 with basic wireless.
Thinking I would have one Trusted SSID and one Guest SSID. Internal and guest units move between the buildings. I didn't see any need for Cloud managed Wi-Fi as the internal devices are stable and set allowed MACs for internal network. If I want one SSID for internal and guest, can I still use the radio in the T40-W or should I have bought a T40 and 3 AP125s? I don't want a client to connect their laptop in an office and then move to a conference room in another building and have to connect to a different SSID.
Just looking for advice from someone that has been here.


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    You can do this using VLANs.
    Create a Trusted, Guest & management VLAN for the APs, with the Mgt one not tagged.
    Then you can enable the wireless on the T40-W, 1 for the Trusted VLAN, a 2nd for the Guest VLAN.

    You can do this easily using WSM Policy Manager

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