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Hello all,

I bought a second hand Firebox XTM330 for testing and learning and I am trying to upgrade to the latest level.

I got it from OS 10.9 to upgrade to version 11.12.1 (Build 522519).

Buth when I try to upgrade to 11.12.2 U1 and higher I get the error:

"You need a LiveSecurity key to upgrade your Firebox."

I know the machine is EOL buth I should be able to upgrade to the latest level, I already got it to upgrade from 11.9 to this version, buth now I am stuck.

Can you provide me with help or the link to the firmware I need to use to upgrade beyond my level?

Thank you so much! :-)

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    You can only upgrade a Firebox when you have an active LiveSecurity license for it, and you can't purchase one for an EoL firewall.

    No idea why V11.9 allowed you to do the 1st upgrade.

    The really use the firewall, you do need a Feature Key.
    If you don't have one, you can contact Customer Care, to see if they will register this firewall to you and give you a Feature Key and that one may allow you to do the desired upgrade.

    You can contact Customer Care via the support portal - use the Support Center link above and create a new case


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    Thanks Bruce! I had contact with support and they offered me a 5 day licence key so I can update the device.

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