Alias : Tag unused alias in the list of alias


When cleaning a Firebox setup, i would like to have some help on identifying unused alias, as you already provide for Proxy for example (unused proxy are tagged with a "not used")




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    Adrian from Australia

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    Just wondering if it is possible now (or maybe will be in the future) to identify unused aliases, or indeed identify where aliases are used.
    I am starting the process of manually locating where my aliases are used in order to clear out the unused ones.
    Thank you,

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    A somewhat tedious way is to generate a Firebox Configuration Report using the Web UI -> System -> Configuration, and then print that as a PDF.
    Then you have a document which you can search.

    Section 2-4 are the Aliases, and 2-1 are the Policies.
    You can then see if a specific Alias name is in 1 or more policies.

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