Improve the dynamic routing section

As a Quagga noob (yes it's pretty basic) I found it pretty time consuming to go and research all the commands for OSPF/BGP. It would be nice if it had a pretty self explanatory GUI option with things that are required and things that are optional with callouts on what they do. Like one use case for me was OSPF on a VPLS line with a BoVPN interface as backup with no test environment to poke and prod what commands would work to enable both interfaces, adjust metrics and do the whole trial and error thing, when a GUI could quickly put up bumper guards from doing anything wrong. Or when I did issue commands I saw no change then have to do debugging and wonder what the heck is wrong when I don't see anything going on.

OPNSense and PfSense has a plugin has this and they use Quagga as well.

I would say the current Watchguard Quagga implementation is very opensource like and didn't get the full business/enterprise treatment. Though I do love the command drop for when you know what your doing and can drop things in much faster than GUI.

PfSense GUI

OPNSesne documentation Shows the GUI and explains things

pfsense documentation Explains things in depth.

Compared to Watchguard
Config file example -

Instructions to the config file - notice much more info is found in the config file than is listed with really no depth unless you already know quagga.

I think the OpenSource firewalls wore Quagga better if you catch my drift... Please improve this.


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