Authpoint + SSL VPN + hardware token not working

I setup Authpoint initially for myself and a few others using the phone APP for VPN MFA. It works great. I then setup the Authpoint logon app for testing on a few computers and managed to get that working under the same policy. We bought some hardware tokens and registered them. I activated two of them and assigned one to a user. This user does not use the phone app or the logon app. When he tries to login to the VPN it just fails immediately.

Do I have to create a separate policy for users that will not be using the phone app? I notice it still says pending on his user for the initial setup which we didn't do because he won't be using the app. The token shows up underneath that green and activated. Wondering if there is a priority or should it ask him which method he wants to use at login or if I have to use a separate policy.

Thanks! I opened a case with WG yesterday but have yet to hear back unfortunately and we are a little time sensitive on this.


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    As far as i know Watchguard VPN with MFA only works with the Authpoint App prior to Fireware 12.7, released this week. With 12.7 IPSEC or SSL-VPN can be used with (Watchguard) Hardware Token as second factor for Authpoint.

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