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Total Security is coming up for renewal. Do I need to renew anything on the second member? I think these are the sku's I'd need but want to make sure I actually need both.

mem1 WGM27351 - Total Security renewal
mem2 WGM27201 - Standard Support renewal


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    Yes, the 2nd unit does need a Standard Support license on the 2nd firewall for a A/P cluster.
    For a M270, these look correct to me.

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    That's what I suspected, just couldn't find it worded anywhere. Thanks for the confirmation.

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    Support subscription: Each device must have an active Support subscription.

    Comparison of FireCluster Active/Active and Active/Passive

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    Saw that and the regular documentation but it doesn't specifically mention needing "Standard Support renewal" on the passive unit so I wanted make sure I was purchasing the correct renewal. Thanks

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    Each device, both the active and the passive, must have an active Support subscription.
    If the Support subscription on the passive member expires, then it is not active.

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    That doesn't say you need the "standard support sku" and the standard support sku doesn't say it's for a firecluster.

    Again just didn't want to buy the wrong support sku. "support subscription" seems vague when almost all the skus include a support subscription and how am I supposed to know there isn't a sku specifically for firecluster when they don't say which one to get.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative

    hi @phanaaekIT

    There isn't an explicit standard support SKU for clusters. It's just standard support for whatever firewall you own.

    If you'd like to verify your SKUs, our sales team can assist with that. You can contact them here:

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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