How to tell WHAT content policy blocked something?

I tried to reach account.samsung.com and got the following message:

account.samsung.com has been blocked by DNSWatch

This website was blocked because it's against your company's content policy."

I couldn't find "samsung" anywhere in my config, nor do I see Deny traffic to samsung in FSM traffic monitor, so how can I find exactly which content policy is involved in this block? I can't see it in the DNSWatch console either, but maybe I am not looking in the right place.

The one thing I despise about DNSWatch is that is doesn't tell on its block page exactly why it blocked something.


Gregg Hill


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    I found the Report > Content Filtering Requests tab, but the "Filtered Requests from Content Filtering" page does not show the reason for the block. All of the other sites on that list DO show why, for example, Parked Domain, Potentially Unwanted Software, Hacking, etc.

    So I guess I was on the correct page, but why doesn't it show the reason for the block?

    Gregg Hill

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    GEO dest= ITA

    sni="account.samsung.com" cn="support100.cdnetworks.net"

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    I also see a DNS lookup for account.samsung.com.wtxcdn.com, but I don't see any access by that DNS name, but which does result from a reverse lookup from the above is being accessed

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