TDR and Veeam mount service


Anybody here using TDR on a Veeam server ascting as a repository and as a mount server for restore points when trying to restore data?

I have a issue where TDR somehow breaks the Veeam mounting service when trying to mount a store point and only by pausing the TDR client, Veeam works.

Support says TDR will not work with Veeam when trying to mount restore points and only solution is to either pause TDR client or stop using TDR on the server(s).



  • Hey @RVilhelmsen,

    I have Veeam B&R 10.0 on a 2019 Server running TDR that acts as a backup copy repository.
    Never have I had an issue mounting backup volumes, restoring files, mounting Exchange databases for mailbox restore, replication or any other Veeam backup/restore process.

    Are you using Veeam One instead of B&R?

    • Doug

    It's usually something simple.

  • Hi @shaazaminator

    Yes, i am pretty sure, i am using VBR, just upgraded to version 11. My BR server is running on a 2012r2 and the repository is running on a 2016 server, so the Veeam mount service is configured to run on the 2016 server.
    I can either pause tdr on the 2016 server, if mouting is set to the 2016 server or i can configure Veeam to mount the restore point on the Veeam server itself (where i have no tdr running).

    But for best performance the mount service must run on the 2016 server as it has more power and disks to do this.

  • Was this issue present in v 10?
    My cloud service provider doesn't support v 11 currently so I have yet to upgrade.

    It's usually something simple.

  • Well, that just it. I can´t remember as we only recently installed the TDR client on the repository server and i cannot recall, if we have done any restores from this repository when THR was installed and we where on version 10.

  • @shaazaminator

    I got this answer from support:
    My answer was based on various tests that we ran with different clients using Veam backup and TDR.
    The only way we got this to work was with pausing protection on the client while we run the backup.

    Have you done anything special to your exclusions? I have excluded the default list Veeam provides -


  • Ran into the issue as well after upgrading Veeam to v11. Issue not present on all jobs. No alerts in TDR that it even noticed anything. Sure would be nice if TDR would work on the backup server so we knew if it was under attack. WG monitoring this thread?

  • So maybe a Veeam V11 issue w/TDR?
    Have you opened a support ticket with Veeam to see what exclusions the AV running on the B&R server should have?
    After you know this then you could make a separate TDR Group strictly for your Veeam server and add the exceptions.

    It's usually something simple.

  • Sorry, no I haven't done anything special to my exclusions, just haven't moved to V11 yet.

    It's usually something simple.

  • i configured all exclusions which Veeam recommends but it does not help

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    Hi, i have done the same. Only way to bypass is to remove the TDR client. Excluded all paths, processes and....still no success.
    Has anyone figured it out?
    This started after I upgraded to Veeam B&R 11.

  • Had to pop in and thank you for this thread, today was the first day an employee requested a restore older than our shadow copies keep, so had to fire up VBR to go look... and low and behold mount service errors. Pausing TDR allowed me to recover the requested files.
    I'm still opening a ticket, this is something that should be corrected or properly looked into by WatchGuard, as I do like to have some level of protection on my backup server, heck I even have TDR running on my repositories, despite the performance hit.

  • Got a response from Watchguard support, adding this additional exclusion fixed file level restores for me.


  • Hi @lcameron

    That did not work for me, still getting the same error.


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    ahh, posting C:\Windows\temp*\veeamflr*.flat is missng a backslash when being posted here

  • Hello,

    thank you, that is exactly what i was looking for... took me some time until i figured out it was the host sensor causing this failure. I already did my important restore, shutting down the host sensor, but now i would like to set the proper exclusion, but the path shown above doesnt work for me. Where to put an additional Backslash?


  • dlangdlang WatchGuard Representative

    Hello ,

    You would need to check this

    Let me know if this help you better

  • Yep, now that makes sense and it works! Thank you for your help! :-)

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