geolocation doesn't allow configuration

My subscription includes a license for geolocation but every time i try to block any specified countries it expires the session. What can i do to get this working?



  • If you are using the Web UI - try a reboot of your firewall or try using WSM Policy Manager to make this change.

  • I already tired rebooting. It doesn't work with the ui but it does work via the WSM.

  • As this seems to be a bug, consider opening a support incident on this.

  • Opening a support incident is the official way to notify WG of a bug.

  • Okay, i'll do that. Thanks Bruce.

  • The defect/enhancement reported is:

  • I have a T20-W running 12.7.1 and I have no problem with Geolocation management via web UI or PM.

    what steps do you do to cause the issue?

    Gregg Hill

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