SDWAN active -> no acces to the router gateway on ETH WAN 1 and 2

I have a T35 with 2 WAN connections
ETH0 WAN 1 ( -> Router
ETH2 WAN2 ( -> Router

When I activate the SDWAN, I can't get access to my router which is on one or the other WAN interface. If I deactivate the SDWAN I can get access again.
Is this a normal operation of the SDWAN?
Thanks a lot


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    Access, such as web access to the router?
    I would not expect this.
    What Fireware version is on your T35?

    Make sure that you do not have any SD-WAN actions enabled on incoming policies.

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    Also, did you apply a SD-WAN action on a policy, such as outgoing HTTP/S which would affect access to one or the other router for mgt?

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    Hello Bruce
    Thanks you

    T35 -> V 12.5.4

    Yes it's HTTPS

    I have only for the moment 1 principal rule on outgoing with SDWAN (no security on this firewall)

    I have no access on 2 router with http or https, and I have an outgoing rule from Trusted to any


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    edited March 2021

    Add a HTTPS packet filter policy From: Any-trusted To: the IP addr of your 2nd router with no SD-WAN setting.
    Make sure that this policy is above the Outgoing policy.

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    Hello Bruce
    Ok I will do it and come back when it's checked

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    Hello Bruce
    It's ok with new rule from LAN (or Alias) to the router
    Thanks you

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