DHCP on M270 Firebox


Firebox - M270
Firmware - 12.4.1.B595401

I am moving my DHCP service away from a Windows server and onto our M270 Firewall. I have set it all up against the correct interface. My question is what kind of monitoring do I have to see the DHCP table? I've found a list of leases in the Status report within the Firebox System Manager, but is there anything a bit more user friendly?

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Chris Snape


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    Web UI -> System Status -> DHCP Leases

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    Thanks Bruce. I must confess I never use the Web UI as I always lived in System Manager.

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    As do I, but you wanted more user friendly

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    Is there anywhere that tells me how many IP addresses I have left in my current pool? Even a count of current leases would be enough.

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    Both the Web UI & FSM show the DHCP leases in use.
    The config will show the size of the of the DHCP pool for each interface, VLAN etc.

    In the V12.7 beta, the Web UI shows both the size of the DHCP pool & the current count used in a Lease Summary section, and also shows active DHCP leases for devices with DHCP reservervations.

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    It's the current count I'm after, so I know if I'm running low. I'll wait until 12.7 is out of Beta then. Will I be able to upgrade directly from 12.4?

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    Another query on DHCP for the M270:

    Is it possible to block certain MAC addresses from getting an address?

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    Only if you use the whitelist option, which requires you to enter all of the desired MAC addrs to get IP addrs.
    Since MAC addrs can be changed easily, this is not the best option.

    You could set up a DHCP reservation for a specific MAC addr and then set up a policy to not allow any Internet access for that IP addr - but you still have the MAC addrs can be changed easily issue.

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