Are WatchGuard have some problems today 25.03.21 with WatchGuard Cloud and other Services ?

Our AuthPoint service stops working about 08:00 am, WatchGuard Main Page does not work, WatchGuard Cloud works very slow, and cannot admit changes? Does anyone have similar problems?


  • Same for us. All AuthPoint authorisations failed after 7:55am.

  • Yes! Same problem for me, have several customers with huge problems right now. Very dissapointed with Watchguard, no information what so ever.

  • Yes same problem for us as well - no information! Outage happens but WG please provide info so we at least know something.

  • How are your AuthPoint logins failing? I am getting an "Authentication Failed: Invalid credentials." error. I have a T35 running beta firmware and I am in California.

    Gregg Hill

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