Internet Keeps drop out

My internet keeps on dropping out when exceeding the bandwidth from our ISP.
Already tried setting traffic management for max bandwidth on my external interface to ISP, but the internet drops out for the whole office when it congests.
Any suggestions on a solution, or how to isolate the issue please?


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    What does WSM Firebox System Manager -> Bandwidth Meter, or the Web UI -> Dashboard -> interfaces show which of Incoming or Outgoing is maxed?

    What did you set for the Traffic Mgt action ?
    incoming, Outgoing, and on what is it applied?

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    I think it's the outgoing on my external interface to ISP.
    Or you're referring to the sent and received on this particular interface?

    I just went Firewall -> Traffic Management -> Interfaces then set my external bandwidth to 40Mbps which is my max bandwidth

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    its the outgoing

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    If either up or down is maxed out, then you will get this result.
    So the things that you need to do is to identify which - up or down is the issue.
    For many/most sites, incoming traffic is much higher that outgoing traffic.
    If outgoing traffic is maxed, then you need to identify what is causing this.
    Perhaps is is some massive upload to the Internet, such as a backup.

    WSM FSM can help identify the cause.
    Bandwidth Meter will show if it is up or down traffic which is the issue.
    Service Watch can show which policy is consuming then most bandwidth.
    HostWatch can show the source, port & dest of individual sessions, which can help pinpoint the cause of your issue.

    So, exactly what Traffic Mgt action did you create, and apply to what?

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    Thanks Bruce this helped me, to monitor realtime traffic and bandwidth usage.

    But the problem is, the service watch does not add up to the bandwidth usage, the bandwidth always shows that it's around 30mbps. when I add up the usage on the service watch it's only around 22-26 mbps and this always caused the internet to collapse.

    How can I launch a ticket for support on this long ongoing issue, please?

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    Click on the Support Center box above, log in if needed, and select Create New Case.
    You need an current LiveSecurity license to open a support incident.

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    james.carsonjames.carson Moderator, WatchGuard Representative
    edited April 2021

    If you're unsure of your licensing status, you can also call support.
    Use the site here to determine the phone number closest to you:

    You will need a support contract to open a case, but with the serial number from your firewall, the rep can help look it up.

    -James Carson
    WatchGuard Customer Support

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