Traffic Management for Webblocker

How can I set a traffic management action on a webblocker for max bandwidth of 10mbps for facebook?

I've tried applying it to Application control but it does not control all traffic on http/s

Appreciate if someone can help me out on this.


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    There is no direct option for this.
    You could try adding a HTTPS packet filter To: *.facebook.com and enable Traffic Mgt on it.
    Make sure that this policy ends up above your existing HTTPS policies.

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    Hello bruce,

    Could elaborate more on what you're suggesting, please?

    Especially setting up that HTTPS policy

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    Exactly what do you not understand?
    How to add a HTTPS packet filter to your config?

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    Or use of a FQDN in a policy?

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    Yes Bruce I've just added an HTTPS policy from any-trusted to www.facebook.com (FQDN)
    And then have the 10mbps traffic management for the reverse action.

    Hopefully, this will work, ill just have to monitor it for the rest of the week.


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