WSM management tunnel

WSM management server 12.6.4

I have setup a SSL management tunnel between a T15 and WSM server behind a M370 cluster. The management tunnel is up and running, but management does not work as the provided management networks by DVCP are wrong.

Currently the T15 gets assigned, which is a fysical interface on the M370 and 173.31.255./24 which does not exist at all.

My management server is on vlan subnet and this is also the server the T15 tries to reach, but is not allowed by the automatic created DVCP-Allow-SSLVPN-Mgmt-Clients policy - which has and configured.

2021-03-01 17:07:59 dvcpcd **Error: Unable to connect to server - connection timed out Debug

Why do WSM server assign wrong management networks via DVCP configuration to the M370 device?



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    I had to include the public ip address also in the management part on the T15 device - i only had the internal configured.

    And reading another document it´s expected with the above subnets. All my mistake.


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