Need Help With A MUVPN Setup.. would apply to a BOVPN firewall to firewall as well


I have a bunch of t40 firewalls im using to replace the old ones i had in clients offices...

So i bought a MUVPN client and my issue is, for these MUPN connections from my personal PC, is there a way where i setup the DNS so if i browse the internet it goes straight out to the internet and not go into my clients office before going out into the internet and when I browse to find server resources where i'm looking for shared files in their office, that it goes directly there?

If anyone can help, Id appreciate it!


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    This is not a DNS setting issue. It is a routing issue.

    This is called split tunneling. Do note that is is less secure than having all Internet access go via your firewall as your PC is connected to both the Internet and your trusted LAN at the same time..

    On the Mobile VPN with IPSec setup on your firewall, Resources tab, unselect "Force All Traffic Through Tunnel" and add the private subnets that you want to access via a MUVPN connection in the "Allowed Resources" list.

    Regenarate the MUVPN config file, and import the changed .wgx file into your MUVPN client.

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    The reason why i thought it was a DNS issue is that when the BOVPN firewall to firewall connections are connected, I couldn't access resources via name until I put the DNS server IP from the clients office in addition to the internet providers dns as well (this i put in my PC in the network connections adapter settings) which I did because I wanted all other requests but the internal Branch office stuff going straight out to the internet.

    Is this a inherent issue from the BOVPN or am I doing this wrong?

    My intent was BOVPN so that when the need shares and files and printers it goes directly to the BOVPN Site but when they need internet from home it just goes straight out and not to their office as their home internet is 10 times faster. (same as I'm trying to do with the new MUVPN client)

    Much Thanks Bruce!

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    Being unable to resolve domain names is a DNS issue.
    In this case, it is cause by split tunneling -- some traffic goes to the Internet directly and some goes to your firewall.
    If you need to resolve domain names for both situations, then you need either a single DNS server which can resolve both, or you need to have multiple DNS servers in your DNS server list, or Windows hosts file entries.

    For Mobile Users with IPSec (MUVPN), the client will the DNS server IP addrs specified in Network -> WINS/DNS

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    So for IPsec MUVPN, if I apply that internal DNS server where you stated above, (This internal DNS can resolve internal and has forwarders for outside access) but once i connect with my MUVPN, does everything get routed out through the MUVPN connect including the internet, or does the internet go out through my local connection? Would there be any other settings in addition to that internal DNS server on that MUVPN that would enable this split tunneling?

    Much Thanks!

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