Reporting total number of VPN users

I have a case open with WatchGuard Support, but at the moment there does not appear to be an answer for my enquiry. Recently my CIO had a vendor that was trying to login to our VPN, but he was not able to. Since this happened earlier in the day, I am not able to say what exactly happened. So my CIO wants to know if our VPN was full at the time the vendor was trying to log in. He then wanted to know if we could have a graph that would show historical active connections to see if we could see a trend in certain times (busiest seems to be 9:30am to 12:30pm when looking real time).

My M270 is logging to a Dimension as well as the WatchGuard Cloud. When I pull up the reports for Authentication in the time the vendor was trying to connect, all it shows is the people that were trying to connect at that time (which showed 7). We are needing to see how many people were actually connected @ 10:30am (which is closer to 70-75 active VPN sessions at that time).

Does anyone know how to find this historical information? I know how to find it real time, but that doesn't answer my CIO's question, and nor does it help to create a graph showing connections through the day.

If not possible through the Dimension or Cloud logs, can this be obtained via SNMP? I looked through the OIDs, but I could not see anything for VPN.


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    Go to Watchguard Cloud > Monitor > Devices > "your firewall" > Logs > Log Search > choose your date or date range > enter "admd" in the query

    Export results as .csv, open in Excel, and sort, filter, chart, graph to your hearts content.

    Seems I've answered this before. :-)

    • Doug

    It's usually something simple.

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